chart1Hey Mr. 2020 & Victoria,

I just purchased Meta Manifesting this morning and must say the first listen through of Phase 1 was a freakin’ eye-opener!

After looking at “The Chart” I quickly realized why my manifesting/goals have been slow in coming and very sporadic.

Sure, I have a base level of understanding BUT I have yet to truly implement the sessions on a consistent basis (Accepetance). The key will be cultivating the Willingness on a more consistent basis…

You see, one day I am on top of the world, thinking I got things sorted out…bouncing around the Acceptance & Willingness realm then a few days later BAM, back down to the Drinking Straw…

The good thing is I think I have pinpointed some of the underlying issues. Like the fact that many of my goals are actually heavily steeped in the “Goon Squad territory” (mostly fear,pride, anger and lust — I rarely if ever feel Apathy).

Until I heard you explain it I couldn’t see that many of my goals were heavily associated with the Goons. For instance, when I make “X” amount of money I’ll be able to help my friends (PRIDE) -or- if I only had 10 clients like this one awesome one of mine I would be fat, dumb and happy and then could begin manifesting more meaningful things in my life (LUST). Truly eye opening stuff right there.

All that being said, I went downstairs to grab some lunch and had a sort of epiphany…I can never really go back now. After learning of “The Chart” I really can’t look at things the same again, and that is liberating!

My big problem now is going to be holding back the reigns for the next 6 days to get cracking on Phase 2. Guess that’s a good problem to have though huh? 🙂

Thanks to you and Victoria for all that you share and do to make this world a better place. My best to you both, have a great week!


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