Hey mate,

Me and my buddy David can easily manifest cars.  German cars specifically.  We just love them.

We love how they are designed, we love how they look, we love the feel of driving them.

Notice how LOVE keeps popping up.  True love marked by simple joy and appreciation.  That puts us in the FULL FLOW ring of LOVE on the MetaManifesting Map.

And as long as we have the SUPPORT of the rings of MIND (Methods) and WILLINGNESS AND ACCEPTANCE – manifesting cars that we love and appreciate is easy.

Contrast that with this semi fictional email:  (We get emails like this several times a week.   And the more you study the MetaManifesting models – the more you will notice that this kind of blocking can be very very subtle.)

“I want to get a brand new BMW because all my friends make fun of my old car.   They will think I am so cool, once I get the new BMW.   Better yet, I’ll take both a white one and a black one – so I have even more style.”

Notice how many of the REPELLING emotions from the center of the MetaManifesting Map are in that statement.   If you find yourself making statements like that – or fantasies in your head like that – you are literally shrinking down – and blocking your blessings.

If this makes sense to you – join us in the program.   We explore very subtle ways that this works in every day life – so that you start living the life you truly want.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria