“My imagination and my life were out of control before I found you. My mind would just wonder back into the most horrible states on it’s own, and I couldn’t figure out why.”

“Thank you for helping me get a firm grip on it. I can’t believe how easy it is for me to stop and let go of negative states and now live from the state of the wish fulfilled. You’ve changed my entire life.”


The MetaManifesting Map
In over 20 years of professional and personal  coaching and training, we have learned a few very powerful truths.

When you identify with “your body”, you can’t help but feel separate from what you want in life – sometimes to the point where you feel powerless.

We call this the DRINKING STRAW level of almost living life and almost successfully mastering manifesting.

The MetaManifesting Map
Dear Mr Twenty Twenty

I can’t for the life of me hold onto my nonsense for long anymore.

I can be in a rage over what used to give me a fearful sense of being totally out of control and suddenly there is no energy present and no ability to bring it up to feel bad about anymore.

I honestly suspect you are scrambling my unloving pathways well and good. So much wisdom.. I love it! And my three children are following suit in their own way.

We sit outside and all we do is share how we think and feel. We tell funny stories too but our perception of who we are is #1.

It’s good fun. My greatest challenge is to just surrender to how our conversation evolves.

Thank you so much 20/20. You’re an absolute darling.

Lots of love and appreciation for you both and the long journey you have undertaken to guide my process…. You are a very dear couple and I love the childlike clarity of your expression. It is such a privilege to connect with you.


May 13, 2016

As you wake up more, you enter into Mind Levels, we call this The Garden Hose. These are the first levels of true personal and spiritual power.

  • You practice ACCEPTANCE – you accept you are the primary power in your life.
  • You experience WILLINGNESS – you become willing to do what it takes to create change.
  • You learn MIND METHODS – strategies and techniques from those who live the kind of life you want.

And if you keep going and growing – you open up the floodgates with the next level, with the Powers Of Love:

You Truly Awaken to The Powers of Love – The Fire Hose

  • Forgiveness. (Not false forgiveness – which is a sneaky form of pride.)
  • Thankfulness. (Not assertiveness – which is a sneaky form of lust.)
  • Caring. (Not careful – which is a sneaky form of fear.)
  • Appreciation of beauty. (Where you experience and radiate true beauty, in all that you are, in all that you do.)

Enjoy the videos – and if MetaManifesting feels right to you, join us.

The MetaManifesting Map
“Thank you so much for responding to my e-mail on fear. It helped put things in perspective for me.”

“I am really getting a lot out of the Meta Manifesting course, especially the third recording on how different people react. It made me realize that just about all my friends are fear based so I am getting this fear input from everywhere which then affects me.

Diane D. - May, 2016

Manifesting Mastery Graduate