Feel_It_Real_Fun_Video_54_Speeding_Up_Manifesting_With_The_18_Inch_AdventureVictoria and I want you to get how easy manifesting really is, and how often you can succeed every single day, so you can succeed even faster and easier manifesting what you truly want – everywhere in life..

(We don’t want you to get this in your HEAD, we want you to NOTICE this in your BONES…)

Because when you NOTICE how easy this actually is, and when you NOTICE how often you actually do manifest what you are feeling, you can celebrate and be ROCKET FUELED by your wins, and you can adjust QUICKLY from “your failures”. So your Success Rate Skyrockets!

(Ever wonder why some people just GET THIS, and why other people either don’t get it or sometimes get it and sometimes don’t?)

Here’s how to get it more than EVER before….

Story time…

  • Every sniper has a spotter.

Sniper and spotter, they function as a single highly trained and highly effective unit.

They practically read each other’s minds. That’s what my “Uncle” Rob, who was in the war, taught me.  You need to be both – a sniper – and a spotter.  (Most people, miss this entirely…. Thank God for Uncle Rob.)

  • He said the sniper, was highly trained to take the shot. Let’s call that, “following the formula”.
  • The spotter, was trained to notice and to tell the sniper EXACTLY what that shot did – now – and what adjustments to make – in seconds.




We are going to SHOW you EXACTLY how we do that, while we are doing it live in the recordings, and we are going to dive much much deeper together, into the most exciting project we have ever done.

But first…

THINK about this…  take it to HEART…

  • NOW FEEL how important that is…  (REALLY FEEL THIS)
  • Because without REAL TIME noticing – the sniper can’t possibly do his job – effectively.

His life would be a hit and a miss – and that doesn’t cut it when it matters most.

That’s how I used to manifest, when I got started. That’s how I see most people doing it. And that’s why I ran into problems, again…

Before I figured all this out…. and started applying this to EVERYTHING I do in life.

I was constantly frustrated – playing the hit and miss game.   

Since then…


This is what I learned….

“You can follow the formula, but if you don’t have ‘eyes on’ what’s happening (the right now real time big picture) you can’t possibly give yourself credit for your wins (fuel), or learn from your near misses(fix).”

NOTICING your wins – so you can take credit for them – gives you confidence – gives you momentum – gives you that INVISIBLE BOOST. (See how much energy we have on those videos?  THAT’S where it’s from.)

We know this works – all the time – because we NOTICE it works – all the time.
(And if we notice – in our bones – something isn’t right (think spotter) – we make adjustments IN THE MOMENT – so we hit our target – 99.9% of the time.)


“You can’t learn from – what you don’t notice.” – Uncle Rob

So in Manifesting To The Max – you are getting how to notice more – much more (in your bones) – much much more, so you can notice fast, in seconds, when you abandon or abort your desires – and when you start manifesting what gets in the way, exactly what you don’t want.

Let’s dial this up a level higher!

If you watched us live or on the replays – the FeelItRealFunVideos – 51 to 64 (about 2 solid hours of good fun) you’ll see me, teaching Victoria two of the three models we are diving deep into in the MEMBERS ONLY SECTION.

These are the same models that I’ve been working with – with  a handful of my personal clients – for the past 3 years. And you’ll see her learn, live on camera – exactly how she creates massive success in her life, and you’ll see her SPEED UP.

And you’ll see where she crashes and burns. (And you’ll see how fast she picks herself back up again – retargets – and NAILS her wish FULFILLED – with what you are learning, you’ll do that too in SECONDS, instead of taking eons.  How cool is that?)

  • You’ll learn how to stop abandoning or aborting your wishes, desires and dreams.   Instead live FULLY from them.
  • You’ll learn how to notice when you fully assume the state of your wish fulfilled, and when you THINK you do.
  • You’ll watch and hear us celebrate our successes – AFTER we use the models, so you can follow along, noticing how we get lost, and how we find our way home – so we lock in our success GUARANTEED.

Make sure you enjoy those videos, while you are doing this training….
(You’ll have members only links to all of those…. )
(And yes, we are working on a Members Only Master database – you’ll have ongoing access to this – so you can find ALL THE WAY COOL BITS – instantly – on those videos.)

Those videos ALONE COULD rock your world, make sure you watch them…  then let the members only recordings and transcripts take you MUCH DEEPER….

Watch them not just because they give you the “shallow end of the pool”….. (We gave away as much as we could in tiny 15 to 25 minute chunks of LIVE VIDEO while answering your questions – now it’s time to dive deeper)

WATCH THEM again – after diving into the Members Only Materials – because they will help you SEE what we are exploring – much deeper – in the Members Only Materials of Manifesting To The Max!

Power point: If you’ve compared the 4 FREE INTRODUCTION RECORDINGS we are giving away (one solid hour) – to the live Feel It Real Fun videos you’ll have noticed – they have a different “flavour” and that the RECORDINGS are opening to a deeper depth and detail level – than what we can share in our live shows.

BONUS: MEMBERS also get ENHANCED TRANSCRIPTS to all those intro recordings and more….



MANIFESTING TO THE MAX is a 90 day program.  It is segmented into three modules in the Members Only Section.

IN EACH MODULE, you are getting 30 or more pages of WRITTEN MEMBERS ONLY goodies. (If you can – print these out, so you can WRITE on them. If you can’t, that’s okay, just take notes on the side….)

UPDATE:  These are ALL AVAILABLE NOW in the Member’s Only Section for you to download and enjoy, TODAY!  HAVE FUN!

You are getting 3 solid MONTHS, of MEMBERS ONLY ADVANCED AUDIO RECORDINGS too – over SIX HOURS TOTAL.  (Listen to them on your computer, tablet or phone on the special member’s only pages.  And feel free to download them too and keep them forever.  FAST – EASY FUN.)

(You won’t be the same person at the end of these trainings…. Imagine that.)


“I don’t want you to just LEARN this….

…I want you to GET IT IN YOUR BONES….”

“…I want you to FEEL it in your BELLY.”

POWER POINT: LISTEN to these recordings OFTEN.

THEN PLAY WITH (don’t WORK AT) what you are listening to.

And you’ll notice, time and time again – when you go back to RELISTEN or to REREAD the members only materials, it’s like, “whoa, I didn’t hear that before. Every listen will become a totally new adventure, because of how you are changing in the course.

That’s what life should be like EVERYWHERE!  That’s why we call this THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!


Once you dive in…

…You are gonna start noticing EVERYONE in a whole new way.

You are going to notice so much faster, when people you know, when people you love and when total strangers standing next to you in line, NAIL IT, and how FAST they get instant results.  (Let’s call that learning – the best learning you can get ANYWHERE…)

Here’s why you will be speeding up much much faster…

Instead of just getting this conceptually (head), or sometimes getting it as a real life “aha moment”, you are gonna get this at such a core level, you’ll be like us – in wonder – amazed at how many people WASTE so much energy – trying NOT to notice – and very effectively ignoring – what could change their lives forever BIG TIME!


The more you notice – in both you and other people how FAST “this happens” – and how RARELY both wins and losses get in ANYBODY’S attention, the more you are going to TOTALLY ROCK YOUR WORLD.

SIDE NOTE:  THINK ABOUT THIS, like driving.  If you’ve EVER driven in HEAVY FOG, and you can’t tell where your car is on the road – you’ve got to SLOW WAY WAY DOWN – or you will CRASH.

Get this is how most people are living lives of quiet desperation and long term confusion?  (Get why most people ACTUALLY DO have a foggy far away look in their eyes so often?)  (Have you noticed people with that far away – foggy look – really don’t have ROCK AND ROLL LIVES?  They don’t soar all that high, or live all that fully.)

(Notice in the videos – I almost NEVER have that foggy look?  Now, you know WHY!) (And why that matters.)

WELCOME to a world of NON STOP opportunities to have fun, to tune up what you do, and to FLY LIKE AN EAGLE while on this adventure of a lifetime!  Welcome to Manifesting To The Max!


IN MODULE WE DIVE WAY WAY DEEP INTO THREE MODELS that we before only ever taught live – one on one!  Now they can be yours too:



Those alone are probably worth the price of admission.  (Just $97 bucks TODAY!)

* * * * * PLUS you are getting TWO MORE MODULES of ROCK SOLID GOLD GOODIES too.  * * * * * 

(Which over the full 90 days of Manifesting To The Max, means you are getting 7 hours of ROCK SOLID GOLD RECORDINGS and close to 100 pages of PURE GOLD!)

So here’s the deal….

You know what we teach works, and you know what we share ISN’T what everyone else is teaching – it’s no where near the same old crap, or the fairy fluff everyone shares online.


You’ve read your success stories on FreeNeville, most of those come from Manifesting Mastery Members – other 90 day program.

(If you haven’t done Manifesting Mastery, DO IT sometime too. Heck, we’re talking investing just a buck a day, the price of a cheapo cup of coffee, to totally transform your life BIG TIME.)

  • And you know it works.  You can read that for yourself.
  • And you’ve seen the ROCK SOLID GOLD GOODIES we give away 5 days a week on the Feel It Real Fun videos, and over 1,000 articles, lectures, videos and audios on our sites….
  • And if you are ready to dive even deeper, we are pretty much giving away all this, for just $97 bucks.


For $97 bucks you get all that – and a surprise bonus or two that you’ll discover along the way.  We’re talking PRETTY MUCH back stage access…..  For Members Only.



The 18 Inch Adventure guarantees you fully assume the state of your wish fulfilled. Keyword – FULLY. The 18 Inch Adventure stops you from ACCIDENTALLY ABANDONING OR ABORTING what you have chosen to give birth to, so you win – every – single time.


Ignition makes manifest THE BIG THINGS AND THE IMPORTANT THINGS as easy as manifesting the small things and the silly things. SIZE stops mattering, when you are noticing how often you actually DO MANIFEST – which is all the time. But when you are actually noticing – in real time what you are manifesting – two things happen – you STOP manifesting stuff you don’t want. And you STOP MANIFESTING STUFF that BLOCKS THE BIG THINGS YOU WANT.

(Most people never consider – that they are manifesting DAILY what blocks them from receiving WHAT THEY REALLY WANT.

THEN, THE POWER OF PURPOSES makes you pretty darn much bullet proof. As you’ll hear in the recordings, living from the state and manifesting the one big thing I wanted, made life a living hell. I was either very happy “YES I’M ON IT” or living totally lost in “NO, I’M SIDETRACKED AGAIN”. You’ll see how Mr Twenty Twenty, personally getting sidetracked and delaying getting his Black Belt for a year (only having ONE PRIMARY purpose) taught him why you need The Power of Purposes 100% locked in, the way we do it now. This SUPER STATE model has been over 30 years in development.

“With those three Core Teachings – in place, it’s impossible to knock me out of my chosen states for more than a few moments, then BOOM – flying like an eagle.” – Mr Twenty Twenty

Feb 3, 2017

I just ordered Manifesting to the Max yesterday afternoon. Yes! The intro is INSANE! Fell asleep to it. So excited to listen today again. Just ordering it was actual proof from other teachings I’ve implemented.

I’ve been stashing away money in a few different places just since Jan 1st 2017 and I love it! I FEEL like I have money all over. Because I DO!!!

I was in an old mindset that I have to “make” the money “and then” I can get the course. I caught myself strategizing to “get” the money as I was burning up the Feel It Real For Fun Videos.

So funny, strategizing getting the money while listening to a teaching on how to breathe the life I prefer into my personal experiences. Talk about double minded!

Then I remembered the bank money, the checks needing deposited, and the cash box, and I thought, wait I already have the money! This of course doesn’t even touch the Attitude Money in my wallet that smells so good because I spray it with my favorite perfume.

My Cash box and the investment and enjoyment cash part of my wallet is sprayed too. And thank you for saying go to the bank and get new bills. I LOVE LOOKING IN MY WALLET AT THE BRAND NEW $100 and the BRAND NEW $50 that I know I will never have to touch again! And today when I go to the bank I am adding more!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!

So Awesome!!!!
Thank You So Much!!!

M. Ashley Paisley

Welcome to Manifesting To The Max

October 28, 2018

Hi Twenty and Victoria

Thanks for the Welcome Mail to Manifesting to The Max! It made me happy!

I just have finished my last day of Manifesting Mastery and I really wanted to keep going and learn more. So it was very clear for me that I will also do the Manifesting to the Max course.
I have already started with it and have studied the introduction of the 18 inch adventure – and I am applying it. It’s very powerful – and also such a wonderful feeling! Oneness. I love it!

So I am looking forward to the next 90 days (or maybe it will take me also a bit longer) and learn and grow even much more.

And of course I also will going through Manifesting Mastery again. I will start on Monday with Lesson 1! 🙂

I have grown so much since I have started with Manifesting Mastery. I have learned so much and my awareness has expandend a lot.
It is a very powerful course and I am so grateful that I decided to go for it.

Everything has no started to come together and fall into its places. It’s like coming or being home.

So I wanna thank you again for your amazing work! I really LOVE it and I benefit a lot! Thank you so much!

Have a nice Sunday!


P.S. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂
P.P.S Say hello to Emmet and Bruce!