Hey mate,

Have you noticed – there are three kinds of people in this world.

  • Those who live in the flow.
  • Those who think a tiny bit too much – but still get what they want – much of the time.  (Sort of in the flow, but semi stressed out.)
  • And those who just seem to never fully get what they want – ever.  No matter how hard they try – no matter how positive they seem. (Those searching for the flow.)

So what gives?

Is it possible to live more and more fully in the flow?

  • (What if we told you yes it is, and yes we can prove it.)

You are now going to learn how to live more fully in the flow than ever before.  You are going to learn how to live more and more in FLOW every day.  How to fully direct and harness the power of  YOUR ENTIRE MIND  – so you don’t stress, overthink or think your way out of what you want.  And you are going to put to rest – how you sabotage your results – and create anxiety in your life.  And that adventure begins NOW.

So look at the chart.

  • The MetaManifesting Map very simple in appearance – like a lovely present box – but what’s inside of it will change your life forever.

Let’s give you a tiny lesson on how it works.

In the CENTER CIRCLE – you see what we call “the goon squad”.

  • The goon squad are the emotions that actually REPEL what you want in life – they are the emotions that take you out of the flow.  They are the emotions that drive you to think to much – to over think – to keep trying WAY TO HARD.

In MetaManifesting – you will learn how and why those show up in your life – in both obvious and sneaky ways – and how to eliminate their wrecking ball effects in your life forever.

Take Away:  When you come from THE CENTER CIRCLE – we call this the drinking straw level.   Life sucks, and you feel as if you have to SUCK everything to you – one way or another.   That’s what life as a DRINKING STRAW is like.  It sucks. Thank you Goon Squad.

Don’t worry though, because you are learning in MetaManifesting EXACTLY how to instantly exit those states, and rapidly OPEN UP to greater flow – so you get REPRODUCIBLE RESULTS.


You will learn EXACTLY how we activate the of the THREE PRIMARY POWERS of the Mind.  We call these “the tripod”, because getting the three powers of the mind FIRMLY in place – and knowing how to draw upon them when you get ambushed by the “goon squad” – reminds you of your power – and puts you in THE POSITION to create with it.

  • Take Away:  Look at the circle of THE MIND.  (Compared to the Center Circle – it’s much bigger – and we call this the GARDEN HOSE level of manifesting.)

At the Level of The Mind – The Garden Hose level – you don’t have to suck – and life doesn’t suck – like it did at “the drinking straw” level.

At the Level of The Mind, you simply squeeze the trigger and like a garden hose – FLOW happens.   In this level you learn and you learn how to use “the triggers”  of Acceptance – Willingness and Mind.

  • Take Away:  At this level you start getting somewhat reproducible results.  Life is good, your systems are working for you – but you know on some level – that there is even a higher level – where you can access even more flow in your life.

The Level Of Love

At the next level – the LEVEL OF LOVE – we explore the POWERS OF LOVE (not on the chart) and how to live FROM that level.   We call this the FIREHOSE LEVEL, and at this level – you have EXPONENTIALLY MORE FLOW and your true power becomes more and more available.  You no longer react from the emotions of the Center Circle, your life becomes like a prayer – a non stop creative act – feeling the flow.

To sum up this brief introduction:

There are three stages in the MetaManifesting Core Model:

Stage 1:  (Exit The Center  Circle)  Escape The Goon Squad.  Stop the 5 ego traps – the repelling emotions – from actively blocking your success and delaying your happiness.

Stage 2:  (Activate The Rings of Mind)  Consciously activate the 3 Primary Powers of the mind – so you start using systems and strategies and getting duplicatable results.

Stage 3:  (Live From Rings of Oneness and Love) – This level of living not only attracts love into your life, it enables you to love what you do and do what you love full time.    Passion, purpose and inner peace naturally flow from this state.

What are you getting in the Meta Manifesting Training today?

The Three Modules of Meta Manifesting Training – Designed to Maximize your Results and keep you IN THE FLOW at all times.  (We suggest doing one training module a week – so the course itself will take you about three weeks.)

  • Over 3 hours of live downloadable recordings that will change your life forever.  
  • Our Personal Notes – for each level of training.
  • Special exercises and real life examples designed to give you exactly what YOU need – to move to the next level – and expand into the power that you truly are.
  • Life changing BONUS recordings that are inspired by your emails and coaching sessions.  
  • Unlimited email support – the way we did it in Manifesting Mastery.

We decided to offer this training in two ways: you can get “just the materials” and do it on your own – with priority email support….

  • Or you can get Meta Manifesting – with ONE PRIVATE 60 minute coaching call with Mr Twenty Twenty built in – for maximum results.

The Materials Only training package is just $97 TODAY. (Save $100 off retail.)

You can start downloading the materials immediately. It’s going to be an amazing adventure together.

Many blessings to you.

TT and V

Remember…   There are three kinds of people:

  • Those who live in the flow – no matter what.  
  • Those who think a tiny bit too much – but still get what they want – much of the time.  (Sort of in the flow, but semi stressed out.)
  • And those who just seem to never fully get what they want – ever.  No matter how hard they try – no matter how positive they seem. (Those searching for the flow.)


“I am so grateful I found Twenty Twenty.  I have a masters degree, am a master certified coach and have spent over 30 years studying and seeking to apply personal development and spiritual methods.  Yet I was still searching for the holy grail.  I was longing to find a system and approach that would pull it all together in a  practical way and then I found freeneville.com.   Everything resonated and not only that but Manifesting Mastery,  Meta-Manifesting and Twenty Twenty’s coaching brought everything together I had previously studied.   Twenty Twenty’s take on things is inclusive of everything I have learned and more.   Most importantly I gained the confidence in myself I was seeking and am taking bold actions every day that are moving my business forward in amazing and unexpected ways.   With Twenty Twenty I have found the path and know I just need to follow it to achieve everything I have dreamed.”  – David – Maryland USA