Hey mate,

In this quick snip from the MetaManifesting program, you are going to learn how SNEAKY the ego can be and how it can block your blessing.

What’s really wild, is that when the EGO blocks your blessing by shrinking you to the CENTER CIRCLE – it all “sounds” so loving and caring.  But in reality as you will see – it is simply blocking your blessing – so that it (the ego and it’s addiction to struggle) stay the center of your life.

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Today’s Take Away:   Notice – if you’ve been buying into this kind of Center Circle Trap – how different – how much more at ease you feel – just by learning about it.   Learning about it begins to expand your power immediately to the level of THE MIND.

And as you apply what you know from the training itself – you’ll find less and less of these EGO TRAPS tripping you up and keeping you frustrated.

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Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria