Hey mate,

Manifesting money is fun when you use MetaManifesting.

Have you noticed, some people make TONS of money doing what they love to do?

It’s like the artist, who truly loves what he does – and makes a very VERY good living at it.

Or the milkman, who wins the lottery – and still keeps delivering the milk – because he just loves it.

In these two real life examples, you’ll notice that neither one is trying to escape emotions from the middle of the chart – what we call the Drinking Straw level.  Instead, they are loving life and life gives them more to love.

Today’s take away:   The further out you live on the chart – the more power you have available for every day life and for manifesting.

Loving your life now, and loving what you do – can open up the floodgates.   Contrast that with the center of the chart.  If you “feel from” the state of FEAR for example – fearing you won’t have enough money to pay the bills – then you actually SHRINK your energy field down to that level (the Drinking Straw level) and ANYTHING good you want to try to manifest has to squeeze itself through that.

Not fun.

Not profitable.

But why is it that many people stay stuck and broke – even when they are doing what they love and love their daily life?

The Missing MasterKey:  You need the rings of MIND and Acceptance / Willingness – if you are going to make good money while doing what you love.  Those key attitudes keep you “in the flow” needed.

The artist who doesn’t have ACCEPTANCE active in their life – believes (and the universe behaves as if) they are victim to the world, to the market, to the opinion of others.   When you have ACCEPTANCE ACTIVE in your life – you accept that YOU are the dominant factor – in your world – and that almost as if by magic – puts you and your creations in front of the exact right people who want them and who will pay for them.    (Ever notice the artist who comes from this space, ALWAYS has stories about how people love their work, and how it’s always in demand.  (Acceptance that you are the dominant factor in your life – naturally ELIMINATES victim thinking.)

Willingness – to do what it takes – is the other major key.  When you fully explore the ring with WILLINGNESS –  you find that it’s easy to promote your work, it almost happens as if “by magic”.  Before I personally explored Willingness as we teach it – it was IMPOSSIBLE and awkward to promote what I do to the world.  So I was doing what I loved, but doing VERY LITTLE of it profitably.

Today’s Take Away:  To manifest most effectively – you need to have the greatest amount of flow in life.  To do that, you need to come from the level of love and have the four qualities of love active in your life.  But for them to ground in your life, you need the RING of Acceptance and Willingness active.   Do this, and you’ll find manifesting money is easy and fun


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