Hey mate,

So let’s say you want to manifest a soul mate.  Today you are going to learn how to do that with the Core MetaManifesting Model.


Let’s notice what gets in the way – and that is DESPERATION.

Desperation comes in a few flavours – as you are going to see in just a moment – the good news is – as you learn the step by step details of MetaManifesting – you’ll find yourself NEVER coming from success blocking state of desperation ever again.

Let’s review.   As you know from the MetaManifesting Introduction, there are 3 main levels of manifesting.  We call these Drinking Straw, Garden Hose, and Fire Hose.

Most people attempt to manifest a soul mate from the slow flow level of the Drinking Straw.   This level actually keeps you at a SET DISTANCE from what you want, because your energy field shrinks.

At the Drinking Straw Level – you can’t help but feel something like:

  • Apathy:  “I am fat / old / ugly – and that’s the way it is.  I am doomed to be lonely.
  • Fear:  “I am afraid that I will always be alone – or that they will NEVER come back.
  • Lust / Longing:   “I must have him / her in my life – there is no other who can make me feel good about myself.”

Or the other emotions in the center of the chart.

NOTE: ALL THE EMOTIONS at the center of the chart, keep you at a distance from what you want. Just notice how your body feels when you imagine from those states. It’s not nice, it isn’t empowering and often creates the reverse of what you want in life.

TO ESCAPE FROM the center of the chart and expand up to the next level – the level of the Mind – Garden Hose:

Note: Think about how LITTLE water can flow through a drinking straw – compared to a garden hose. And remember, water doesn’t need sucked through a garden hose – it flows through naturally. This is the natural result of what happens when you shift your attention to THE MIND levels of Manifesting. (What we call the Garden Hose levels.)

At this level: (with greater flow and natural flow (no sucking required)

You use the powers of Acceptance and Willingness – how we teach them in MetaManifesting.

  • You ACCEPT that you are the source of LOVE in your life.  You begin to love your life (and your situation) in a whole new way.
  • You become WILLING to do what it takes – that you are the  determining factor – the dominant factor in your life.  (You do what you would do – if you already had a soul mate.   Because if they were in your life, you wouldn’t be spending 24 hours a day with them,  you would be following your passions and expressing your creativity.)(Often at this stage, you spontaneously meet up with your soul mate – because you are following your other passions.)

And at this level, you would be using the Feel It Real METHODS.  Because methods and strategies are naturally part of what “the mind” level is all about

“I followed your examples and found that as soon as I left behind my feelings of desperation using the Core Model – and started ACCEPTING my authentic power in life – men started looking at me VERY DIFFERENTLY.  I must have become instantly approachable, by decent men because I was no longer repelling them.  Amazing!”

There is one more level to go (look at the chart).   Let’s dive into the level of LOVE.

You TOTALLY UNLEASH the power that you are – and open up to the level of LOVE (the largest circle with the most power) you would explore the four qualities of love that we share in the course.  One of the four qualities of love is “appreciating the beauty of what is”.

Example#1:  You would be living from the state of “seeing the beauty” in your life.   All around you, all around them.

“We met while I was doing a training – something I truly love.  It was easy for us to fall in love.  She saw the beauty that I expressed and enjoyed when I teach, and I saw the beauty that she expressed in the garden – after hours.   That appreciation of beauty – in yourself and in them – opens up the floodgates and allows the level of love to drive the dream – and make it a reality.”

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Here is another peek into what can block you from manifesting a soul mate and how Meta Manifesting can change that for you too.